The record of our dog breeding from 04 February 2015

„A piece of the world and Tea”
in Radio Gdańsk with Yvette and Thomas Dobroczek

Welcome anyone who is a lover of dog breeding.

Our breeding pedigree dogs Doma Fortuna FCI is registered in created in 1938
Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP) – our registration number is 4226 / D.

Kennel Club in Poland is the only Polish organization affiliated to the
Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in which our breeding
It is also registered under No. 106/2016.

We are very pleased to welcome you and bring joy to our lives that are our dogs.

We invite you to read.

Yvette Dobroczek i Tomasz Dobroczek.

Record broadcasts of Radio Gdańsk from 07 July 2015
about training Triathlon Swimming
with Yvette and Tomasz Dobroczek – ARGONAUT.

The radio talk a little about dogs and their awards
but above wszystkimo teaching swimming for adults.

Yvette and Thomas Dobroczek are the founders of running
20 years of school swimming Argonaut.

At the beginning we start with answers to frequently asked questions:
Why dogs? Why these and not other races? And how do you deal with your dogs?

All these questions have one linking answer: Dogs are our passion.

We are brought up in homes where we were taught to respect, love and responsibility.
Dogs are members of our families and together with them the we grew up.
With satisfaction we cared about our “four feet”.
Choice of breeds for us was very obvious is the fulfillment of childhood dreams.

After a long search, taking into account the character, temperament and exterior looking for
puppies, which in the best way to meet our expectations. So to consciously be able to say,
that is a great representative of his race with a balanced and wondrous character.

Interview with Yvette Dobroczek
at the Dog Show 2015 Gostynin

Yvette :

In my family, home, garden, orchard always running and I kept their companion dogs
such as Tatra shepherd dog and little, shaggy dogs with bichon group.

The unforgettable love of my childhood is a bitch named Aga – Polish Tatra Sheepdog,
which I experienced unforgettable moments of a lifetime of learning.

Imagine me having about six years when my grandfather comes with a tiny white ball hidden under his jacket and says:
„This is the dog for you. You’re responsible for her but remember, when you don’t take care of her, we will not say it’s your dog!”

And these words „your dog – you’re responsible for her,” I remember for all life!

Byłabym zawstydzona gdybym zawiodła mojego dziadka i to szczenię – małą śnieżną, puchatą kulkę!

I was responsible for feeding, bathing, grooming and training my bitch.

Zoe – Sznaucer Miniaturowy / Miniature Schnauzer - Szczenięta, hodowla psów Yvette Dobroczek

So we grew up together another taking care of yourself. I devoted every free moment Adze,
and Aga always walked with me to school and took care of me;)

It is impossible to briefly describe my childhood with dogs but what is most important is with me today.

No matter what dogs I have, I am responsible for them …..

Without Internet we gained knowledge from travel, books and not forgotten program „Give paw”

With my parents and grandparents, I was a regular guest of the International Dog Show in Sopot
where I had the opportunity to see up close and sometimes pat a beautiful dog.

That’s how I fell in love with Briard, which was presented in the ring.
Full power and dynamism with a flying fiery fur slid during the presentation!

Now is the time to mention about the youth of my husband and his experience with dogs 🙂

And here, once again, we found that regardless of our families and grandparents
taught us exactly the same, the above mentioned responsibilities.

Bebe Owczarek Węgierski Puli Biały Hungarian White Puli - Szczenięta / Hodowla psów Yvette Dobroczek i Tomasz Dobroczek

Tomasz :

The great pleasure and satisfaction for my husband was taking care and helping his grandfather
with a small pack of hunting dogs. Charming, energetic and require much attention
Fox terriers and Foxhound develop love and passion for dog breeding Thomas.


My husband traveled a lot as a child with his parents. When visiting Hungary, she watched the work of guard dogs:
small, burly incredibly brave and very original appearance – Puli!

Very, very asks parents for just such a dog for himself. In those days it was not easy during the organized
trip to transport the puppy to Poland. Dad had promised him that after returning home,
think and try to bring son a dog …..  unfortunately ….. life turned out differently …..
And after many, many years my husband has a wonderful friend with dreadlocks, white Puli!

Warning ! This apple of the eye of my husband – please remember this! I quote: „… my Puli …” With the accent on „my” 🙂

Hodowla Psów Doma Fortuna FCI - Yvette Dobroczek i Tomasz Dobroczek, Szczenięta Chart Afgański / Afghan Hound, Chmurka Bearded Collie, Bebe Owczarek Węgierski Puli Biały Hungarian White Puli, Zoe – Sznaucer Miniaturowy / Miniature Schnauzer, Polski Owczarek Nizinny IDA IDYLLA Via Rivendall - Młodzieżowy Champion Polski, Desse – Briard / Owczarek Francuski / Berger de Brie, Alegre – Hawańczyk / Havanesse / Biszon Hawański

In this way we are moving in present time to our house where the dogs live with us.

And as in childhood we spend with them every moment. Feeding, nurturing, teaching, playing and traveling
and all are subordinate to the rhythm of life of our dogs. People say that we admire and can not imagine such a life,
and we answer: It’s very simple! The question of good organization and willingness obviously based on love!

Because it is love in all of this it is most important.
Just a happy dog who feels loved and has a sense of security – shared them with us and builds it!

In this role, they are not replaced our sheepdogs breeds: Polish Lowland Sheepdog – IDA ,
Hungarian White Pulli – BEBE, Briard – DESSE and always joyful Bearded Collie CHMURKA.

Each of the above breeds has a different character and temperament but all share the same!

It’s sitters hearth and home, vigilant, brave, exceptionally intelligent, responsible and friendly!
For a long time we choose our team janitors analyzing several generations on each line
so we make sure that we made the best choice temperament and exterior.

Zoe – Sznaucer Miniaturowy / Miniature Schnauzer

It was not easy, not every breeder wants to speak out but I was looking for until I found such enthusiasts like us.
For the nature and temperament must be on a par with the beauty!

Rewarding to be patient and wait for your loved IDA our Polish Lowland Sheepdog,
which is caring loving bitch, responsible with the task of patrolling the entire house and garden 24 hours a day.

Blessed with an excellent memory, he loves to learn and be guided during the course of obedience,
after which it must be well pet and get a reward – a great memory does not allow her to forget about it 🙂

Her very balanced and responsible nature filled with great love to the family and the whole herd is an image of the IDA.

In her case, wisdom and beauty go hand in hand.
She can charm us with motherly solicitude and the consequence of an action, all dressed in snow-white hair flying in the wind 😉

Bebe Owczarek Węgierski Puli Biały Hungarian White Puli - Szczenięta / Hodowla psów Yvette Dobroczek i Tomasz Dobroczek

White Puli BEBE is a small, very temperamental, robust and extremely brave sheepdog.

Hungarian Puli blood in conjunction with the Polish Lowland Sheepdog respond saying: „Pole – Hungary’s two nephews ….”
We always say: where greater PON there can not Puli will help 🙂
Definitely more dynamic in action, before the herd moves into action, it already comes back with a report!

Impatiently checking that surely in the place where leaves his family is safe!
The task of Puli is alert, but check what is most important to be at the feet of a family feel all the time needed.
Hungarians say about Puli – shepherd dog! We add: Pastor and family! There is no way to Puli moved away from you
being anywhere away from your legs or just a little further, it must be in constant contact with the owner and his family.

Desse – Briard / Owczarek Francuski / Berger de Brie - Hodowla Psów / Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek i Tomasz Dobroczek

DESSE is my dear redhead or fawn Briard..
Personification of wisdom and strength which is well aware and thoughtful actions and decision-making reflects the attitude
of dignity and character of the breed. This girl does not have to run as much as Puli or Bearded she just comes out last,
just show up and finish doubt if someone wanted to talk to her in private.

DESSE balances the fiery temperament Puli, cooperates with PONem and uses agility
Bearded Collie while being home doctor the whole family.

It should be remembered – Briard was a dog rescue during the First World War. The French used the ability of the breed
in finding and helping the wounded, and served as the report dogs.To this day, our 'doctor' DESSE senses, every sickness,
wound, malaise carefully licking the check-patient about the whole family.

chmurka bearded collie- Hodowla psów Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek i Tomasz Dobroczek

Above in the description already appeared reference to Bearded Collie that is incredibly agile, t
he most bouncing and joyful sheepdog named CHMURKA (Cloud).

Nothing more, nothing less with the lightness of the little cloud floats in motion during daily frolics,
agility exercises and presentation of the exhibition. It’s all very loving guardian joyful throughout life.

Inexhaustible energy for an active owner that is our son David. Together constitute a great active,
sports team: run, bike, agility, obedience of beardy everything just to be on the move and admired by the owner.

When it comes to guarding well …… laugh that CHMURA uninvited guests, will treat coffee together after goes crazy through
the corners and still pops up at the appointed time for party:) Keep in mind the with Bearded Collie you have to lead a very
active life, or to have a home where the children can enjoy a joyous temperament this race.

Alegre – Hawańczyk / Havanesse / Biszon Hawański - Hodowla Psów Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek i Tomasz Dobroczek

Another group of of our little ones is a cute, small, aristocrat which is queen ALEGRE race Havanese
and its inseparable the lady ZOE Miniature Schnauzer black & silver .

These are two completely differing from each other breed groups are incredibly linked together emotionally.

Alegre lovely, emotional, joyful Havanese loving everyone in the world needs to shine in the company,
still be noticeable to be able to encourage the fun showing off every move newly invented tricks….
… You can not tear your eyes from this tiny spark, which brings tremendous energy in our family.
Taking care to disperse every dark cloud over us.

For ALEGRE the sun always shines and spreads rays independently of our mood is not possible
not to yield to the allure of heat from the Mediterranean sea (whence derives race Bichon Havanese).

In all this joy complement of love, warmth and devotion is Schnauzer ZOE.
Playmate, walking, jointly shared beds in the bedroom beloved Havanese.

Zoe – Sznaucer Miniaturowy / Miniature Schnauzer - Hodowla Psów Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek i Tomasz Dobroczek

Role Zoe is very important because it is a very brave !!!
Without looking at obstacles, not looking at the danger this tiny, sturdily built dog protects his family.
It is not true that this is dog – alarm, which can not be disabled! Just one word of family and Schnauzer is beside them!

It’s very, very obedient, devoted and faithful friend with a big heart,
who fell in love at first sight when quite by chance appeared in our family.
It was to help the heart in return for which we got the most beautiful heart in the world!

Hodowla psów – Chart Afgański / Afghan Hound - Hodowla Psów Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek i Tomasz Dobroczek

The last in our house appeared beauty Afghan with a beautiful name RETROSPEKCJA with the destiny. Why with destiny?
Many years ago when we planned pedigree dog it had to be Afghan Hound.
We have seen together in our youth among tourists strolling along our beautiful Old Town of Gdansk.

RETROSPEKCJA (RETROSPECTION) which is „back to the beginning of ” our dreams. Naj, the longest search and awaited!

And it is with us ! Afghan Hound of unmatched brindle coat with a dark mask of great beauty,
engaging wonderful character! Her personality full of aristocratic manners, piercing eyes, discussing representative
of the breed accompanied our family recently, „teaching us different” look at the education of the dog.

RETRO is an independent, confident, intelligent and cunning hunter due to its primary origin.

It requires from us other than to act now – we have to be always in front of her analysis of a completely
different environment and looking at the world.

Not senses sheepdog obedient, cheerful Havanese loving schnauzer but eagle-eyed look,
hunting Afgan with attention to every visual stimulus, which can be very curious and exuberant chart.

Hodowla Psów Doma Fortuna FCI - Yvette Dobroczek i Tomasz Dobroczek, Szczenięta Chart Afgański / Afghan Hound, Chmurka Bearded Collie, Bebe Owczarek Węgierski Puli Biały Hungarian White Puli, Zoe – Sznaucer Miniaturowy / Miniature Schnauzer, Polski Owczarek Nizinny IDA IDYLLA Via Rivendall - Młodzieżowy Champion Polski, Desse – Briard / Owczarek Francuski / Berger de Brie, Alegre – Hawańczyk / Havanesse / Biszon Hawański

It is impossible to describe everything … .. what is happening in our house, the garden,
travel webcam could turn the record of the life of our canine passion without a break!

Dogs are the joy of our life, passion, love, uplifting, and supporting the pursuit, rapid flow of today’s time.
The ability to break away to another world of pure simple rules, rules that took away from
the family home where the word and responsibility is the most important.

Any dog independently of breed must have a sense of love, responsibility and the consequences
of action to translate it all on the relationship that we create together becomes for us the most important being.

While our dogs realize the dreams of childhood and youth.

With satisfaction, we are ready to share our knowledge and experience in the following areas: nutrition, supplementation,
behavior and training, grooming and handling of everyone who responsibly is interested in having a dog for yourself,
your family and for those who would like to be an exhibitor of his beloved beautiful dog.

Yvette Dobroczek i Tomasz Dobroczek