Today we celebrate the fourth birthday of our beloved Alegre, which brought to our house very lucky.
I love that little spark of the life <3聽During my long illness not deviate my side ….
being with me all the time aura of joy and happy energy.聽full of tenderness understand me without words!
Havanese loves me immensely throughout indulges in his family all the time wanting to meet up
and show love and joy It is impossible to express the enormity of feelings which absorbs
us is tiny and delicate creature, which is also very strong.

Perfectly understanding the difficult situation in which life has placed me she was
the guardian of my well-being ExHILARATING happily every moment 馃檪
Thank you Monika for your confidence and for the incredible luck on behalf
Alegre without which I can not imagine life and health.
Our girl wish good health to energy was still our beautiful sunshine,
which disperses the darkest clouds! Everything najpsiejszego for all our brothers and sisters from litter A 馃檪