Polish Junior Champion Calamus RETROSPEKCJA – Chart Afghan at the European Dog – Oslo, Norway 4-6.IX. 2015 Received: excellent and fourth place on nine females in the competition class youth.

Judge: Foss, Bjorg. Grooming (preparation) at the exhibition & handling (presentation in the ring): Yvette Anne Dobroczek

I sincerely admit that I was very busy and nervous before entering the ring …….
Competition for the rank of an exhibition, of course, was very large.
Most of the contestants was much older than our less than 10 months RETRO.
Junior class is very ragged by age division includes dogs from 9 months
(ie quite yet puppyhood appearance) for up to 18 months (almost mature image)
despite our RE has been recognized for a very demanding judge.

Give praise for the beautiful building, movement and temperament left behind the rest of the competition …..
It was one of the more exciting our speeches during which RETRO perfectly
fulfilled as a proud full of charm and grace Afganka 🙂 We are all family very proud of our little RE!