Alegre – Hawańczyk / Havanesse / Biszon Hawański - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

This lovely, joyful and loving heart of a small dog sees to it that disperse over us every dark cloud.
It brings great joy to life. That spark full of energy at the sight of which immediately improves mood.

Her dark pearl eyes and smiling mouth in a beautiful sable silk coat are the the unique charm of the wise, elegant dog.

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Magia – Hawańczyk / Havanesse / Biszon Hawański - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

She has an amazing cheerful and brave character, which has already been noticed
and appreciated by cynological judges. This baby has a huge potential for exhibition.

Her beautiful, strong construction, fantastic light, smooth movement already
in this young age award-winning performances in the first exhibition.
We still have a long way to go before our beginnings. Please keep your fingers crossed 🙂

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Bona – Hawańczyk / Havanesse / Biszon Hawański - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

We present our little queen BONA.

As befits a representative of the breed is very energetic, outgoing, honest
and smart puppy. Very quickly gaining new skills.
Gladly through play he learns obedience and presentation of the exhibition.

Soon our little queen put the first steps in the ring. We can not wait 🙂

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ANGELHEART LAVINIA Pilosus called Angel at home, she came to Poland from the USA.
She lived with us and our girls wonderfully integrating into our lives
Bringing great joy is a very energetic Angels that spur the whole company.

This is a fantastic loving girl who has beautifully started her dog show adventure.

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