Bona – Hawańczyk / Havanesse / Biszon Hawański - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

JUST BONA DOMA FORTUNA Pilosus – Havanese (Bichon Havanese)

Female with black – white coat, born: 06.04.2016r.


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We present our little queen BONA.
Three-month Havanese puppies that not only stole our hearts.

As befits a representative of the breed is very energetic, outgoing, honest
and smart puppy. Very quickly gaining new skills.
Gladly through play he learns obedience and presentation of the exhibition.

Soon our little queen put the first steps in the ring. We can not wait 🙂


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Description of the breed - Bichon Havanese

History of the breed :

It belongs to a group of Bichones, and therefore the oldest ornamental dogs whose mummies have been found
in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. The most common in the western Mediterranean region.


Characteristics of the breed :

Lovers of Havanese value the most his puppy cheerfulness, which keeps the old age.
Bichon Havana is up various funny tricks, just to stay in the center of interest.
He has hair odor-free, no moults.

Is suitable for single people and families with children. In the summer eagerly and good swimm.
Needs a regular walks, and his passion is learning new tricks.
With joy and enthusiasm do a dog sports. It requires regular care long coat.

Bona – Hawańczyk / Havanesse / Biszon Hawański - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

Havanese – Group FCI IX/Nr FCI 250 (Companion and Toy Dogs)

Country of origin of the breed – Western Mediterranean Basin


Height at the withers – from 20 to 28 cm

Body mass – 6 kg


Coat – long, silky, slightly undulating

Color – rarely white, generally light fawn, gray, gold,
every shade of brown with white spots or without


Life expectancy – from 14 to 16 years