chmurka-bearded-collie - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

Junior Champion of Poland, Started Champion of Poland,

Junior Winner of Poland 2015Qualifications for CRUFTS 2016, 

repeatedly received titles:
Best in breed, Best bitch in breed, Best Junior in breed, Best Puppy in breed,
Best Puppy in the finals at the Exhibitions of all races, and Best Junior Puppy in breed:


CHMURKA Buhlbino (FCI) – Bearded Collie

Female with black-and-white color of the coat, born 14.08.2014

Pedigree number PKR.I-76435


Cloud is energetic and full of joy quintessential dogs of the breed Bearded Collie with a huge and loving heart.
She loves to play, sport Agility and any form of actively spent time with the owner.

She love people, children and animals. Very loyal, obedient, caring about the order in their environment.

Despite her tendency to crazy fun never lose vigilance and guarding instincts.
Beautifully presented in movement, it is the most effective long-haired sheepdog.
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Description of the breed - Bearded Collie

History of the breed :

Initially, shaggy, weather-resistant sheepdog on the Scottish highlands.
Today, one of the most formed and most spectacular exhibition of dogs and family.

Still perfect and vigilant guardian of the house.


Characteristics of the breed :

The friendly dog, energetic and always cheerful.
It is very sensitive, does not tolerate harsh parenting, but it must be carried out consistently.
Likes varied activity and movement.

Chmurka – Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie – Grup FCI I/Nr FCI 55 (Sheepdogs and Cattledogs except Swiss Cattledogs)

Country of origin of the breed – Great Britain

Height at the withers – from 51 to 56 cm

Body mass – from 20 to 30 kg

Coat – long hair, hairy, with a soft undercoat and a flat, hard, dense topcoat

Color – dark gray (slate), brown, black, blue, red fawn, all shades of gray,
brown and sandy, white blaze on the forehead, white forechest, white on paws

Life expectancy– from 12 to 14 years

Titles - CHMURKI Buhlbino
Junior Champion of Poland


Junior Winner of Poland Poznań 2015


Qualifications for CRUFTS 2015


Started Champion of Poland


Best of Breed


Multi Best Female & Best of Opposite Sex


Multi Best Puppy of Breed


Best in Show Puppy IV Brodnica 2015


Best in Show Puppy III Opole 2015


Multi Best Minor Puppy
Results and achievements at the shows - CHMURKA Buhlbino
From the life of our CHMURKA