Desse – Briard / Owczarek Francuski / Berger de Brie - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

Champion of Poland, Junior Champion of Poland,

V-ce European Junior Winner 2014,

Junior Winner Holland Cup 2014,

V-ce World Junior Winner – Milano 2015,

Club Briard&Beauceron
Ranking Briard and Beauceron Club 2014: won two awards in two categories:
2nd place in the categories “Young Bitch” & “Puppy – Bitch”

Multi Best Junior of Breed,
Best Junior in finals from an all breeds,
Best Puppy and Best Junior Puppy


Desse BAJKA Buhlbino (FCI) – BRIARD / Berger de Brie

Female with fawn coat, born 01.01.2014r.

Pedigree number: PKR.I-74872


DESS is the biggest heart in the group guarding sheepdogs.

Irreplaceable guardian and protector of our house with a very balanced and calm character.
There are enormous wisdom, prudence and obedience that flows from the love for her family 🙂

Despite its large size moves with great charm, grace and a sense of spreading an aura of enchantment.
Anyone who has seen live our DESS in motion will remember forever the sight 🙂

Wherever it appears admired their beauty, balance and character.
It is a very responsible leader of our entire herd.
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Description of the breed - Briard

History of the breed :

One of the oldest French sheepdogs, but for a long time is not classes guarding herds.
Currently, retractable dog as a companion, but without losing its innate ability to guard dog.


Characteristics of the breed :

Dog with great temperament, courageous and vigilant. Wary of strangers, but warm-hearted owner
and very attached to him. Briard is a very dynamic, needs a lot of movement and space.

BRIARD DESSE BAJKA Buhlbino - nowy CHAMPION POLSKI - Zwycięzca Rasy, Najlepsza Dorosła Suka, CWC - Wystawa Psów Rasowych Brodnica 2016 - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

Berger de Brie – Group FCI I/Nr FCI 113 (Sheepdogs and Cattledogs except Swiss Cattledogs)

Country of origin of the breed – France


Height at the withers – Dogs from 62 to 68 cm, Bitches from 56 to 64 cm

Body mass – od 30 do 40 kg


Coat – long, cottony hair, slightly wavy, dense undercoat

Color – allowed all Solid colors besides white, brown and mahogany


Life expectancy – from 10 to 12 years

Titles - BAJKA Buhlbino
Desse – Briard / Owczarek Francuski / Berger de Brie - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek
Champion of Poland


V-ce World Junior Winner – Milano 2015


V-ce European Junior Winner 2014


Junior Winner Holland Cup 2014


Junior Champion of Poland


Multi Junior Winner


Multi Best Junior of Breed


Best in Show Junior Bydgoszcz 2014


Multi Best Puppy of Breed


Best Minor Puppy of Breed
Results and achievements at the shows - BAJKA Buhlbino
From the life of our Desse