Bebe – Owczarek Węgierski Puli Biały / Hungarian White Puli - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

Champion of Poland, Winner of Poland 2015,

Junior Champion of Poland, European Junior Winner 2015,
Class Winner World Dog Show Milano 2015,

Stated Interchampion
Nomination for the largest exhibition in the world CRUFTS 2016

Repeatedly received titles:
Best of Breed, Best Junior, Best Bitch.


BEBE GANDZIA z Korczówki (FCI) – Hungarian White Pulli

Bitch with a white coat, born 07.03.2014r

Pedigree number PKR.I-74879


Bebe is a dream and long searched for a white bitch, very rare color.
Hungarians say about Puli – shepherd dog! So, literally, she is always with us,
near our feet but nothing, no one escapes his divisible mind 🙂

This is the sweetest and most energetic guard, brave little sheepdog.

She fulfills and gives them all carefully, vigilantly guarding the whole house!
It engages in the blink of eye the whole flock guard. There is no way that any of our other shepherd
She refused to cooperate. For each find a way 🙂 It’s incredibly brave, has boundless energy,
It brings great joy of life. He can perfectly adapt always and everywhere being supported
anytime. For all this and much more love and love Puli 🙂
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Description of the breed - Hungarian Puli

History of the breed :

Many people say that the Puli is the most intelligent guard dog in the world.
She is certainly the most versatile sheepdog.Probably it comes from the Asian Shepherd.



Characteristics of the breed :

She is active throughout the day and wants to protect everything that is within his reach.
Honestly acts as a guard dog. In urgent need of close contact
with his family, because very attached to their owners.

Puli – Grup FCI I/Nr FCI 55 (Sheepdogs and Cattledogs except Swiss Cattledogs)

Country of origin of the breed – Hungary


Height at the withers – Dogs from 40 to 44 cm, Bitches from 37 to 41 cm

Body mass – Dogs from 13 to 15 kg, Bitches from 10 to 13 kg


Coat – long, narrow strips of rope coat covering the entire body, „dreadlocks”

Color – black with brown (rust in the sun) and a white shade (graying), white, gray


Life expectancy – over 15 years

Titles - GANDZIA z Korczówki
Bebe – Owczarek Węgierski Puli Biały / Hungarian White Puli - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek
Champion of Poland


Winner of Poland Poznań 2015


Junior Champion of Poland


European Junior Winner Oslo 2015


Class Winner World Dog Show Milano 2015


Multi Best of Breed


Multi Winner Junior an Best Junior of Breed


Started International Beauty Champion
Our Puli - BeBe - Gandzia from Korczowka during the first attempt to work with sheep in her life
Bebe Owczarek Węgierski Puli Biały Hungarian White Puli - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek
Bebe Owczarek Węgierski Puli Biały Hungarian White Puli - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

Our Puli – BeBe – Gandzia from Korczowka during the first attempt to work with sheep in her life
As always fantastic we „surprised” with its Hungarian temperament.

Thank you very much to the leader:
Tomasz Pecold – trial judge
Dog work and kennel instructor.

Guide: Tomasz Dobroczek

Herding livestock is a true vocation Pula – Hungarian Sheepdog,
It was the most important, the original call of this race.

The Hungarian Shepherd Dog is a very old breed;
The first quadrupeds lived in Mesopotamia already 2300 years BC. In the 9th c.
From Donu and Dniester basins Behind the Carpathian line came the Magyars
with large herds of cattle and horned argine sheep rushing through the pool.
Pot is a dog very intelligent and willing to learn.

Despite its relatively small size, it is very confident
and will not hesitate to defend his guardian from danger.

Requires responsible and consistent conduct and training.
Pot is a wild dog, extremely willing to learn.

These are dogs, which are enough to give the command 2-3 times and they already know that.
They learn very fast and do not forget once acquired skills for the rest of their lives.

It’s a breed created for pastoral sports with an unparalleled character:
Very open, sociable and extremely intelligent. Wandering shepherds from the Hungarian plains
They appreciated their dogs. They were able to pay for a good pot even the equivalent of their annual earnings.
The Hungarians called Puli: Juhasz-Kutyak – the shepherd’s dog – as seen in the film is happy,
When he has a job that requires a lot of work and movement.
He keeps and defends everything that belongs to his flock.

A dog in need of close contact with a human
The pot is a barking dog, in Hungary still these dogs are working at flocks of sheep,
They are still the most faithful companion, and the best way to help the INSTYNOWN team is to help the herd,
Shepherd.Pulse is always compact and ready. Will gladly face the ideas of its owner.
Awake in the middle of the night can go on a long hike in the mountains, during the day is ready at any time
Jump into the car and cross half a country, and in the morning is prone to another expedition,
there is only one rule, You must adhere to – The pot is only happy when it is with its owner.

Pot has an innate sense of duty that his whole herd is supposed to be here, near him.
Puli will not do any harm while imprisonment – Pulik is targeting the „fugitive” so that this,
Went in the right direction. An old Hungarian saying says:
„The pot is not a dog, it’s a pot,” very aptly describing his character.

Puli is a small, very affectionate dog, especially for children who instinctively protects.
The role of this inconspicuous knight is also unique.
It was thanks to him, Asian nomads were able to travel thousands of kilometers with puddled herds
Cattle and sheep. The pot feeds, chases, watches, watches and, if necessary, fights predators.

It easily covers the hardships of working long hours at herds.
He also counsels the hawking and guarding of the animals entrusted to him.

Construction of the Puli, its agility, lightness of movement and jumping allow for fast and violent execution.
Returns and if necessary jump over the crests of the sheep
With increased self-control, because it is a perfect observer, well-read all
Non-verbal signals that a person sends without realizing it. You can say,
He learns quickly things that no one is going to teach him.

Hungarian Sheepdog Puli with unusual hairstyle hit the ring of honor of the most prestigious exhibitions
in the world. It turned out that he managed to do in the showrooms as well as in the folds

Mark Zuckerberg and his Puli …->

Results and achievements at the shows - GANDZIA z Korczówki
From the life of our Bebe