Ida – Polski Owczarek Nizinny / PON / Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Champion of Poland,

Junior Champion of Poland,

European Junior Winner Brno 2014,

Class Winner World Dog Show Milano 2015,

II prize V-ce Class Winner CRUFTS 2015 and qualificad CRUFTS 2016


IDA  IDYLLA Via Rivendall (FCI) – Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Female with black and white coat, born 21.11.2013r.

Pedigree number: PKR.I-74871D


Ida is a highly sensitive, faithfully loving female. Incredibly intelligent and clever.

Idyll is unlimited, good memory, learns everything with great ease and pleasure because she always wants
to be noticed and appreciated. She loves to fetch, stay and be in constant contact with all members of the household.
Long searched among Polish Lowland Sheepdog, because we wanted to glide with very mild nature
and calm temperament and a classic white and black coat with symmetric patches on the face and back.

And this is what our IDA classic appearance with a wonderful temperament 🙂
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Description of the breed - Polish Lowland Sheepdog

History of the breed :

Polish lowland sheepdog breeding pure race started after 1945.
His ancestors were herding dogs for centuries guarding flocks
of sheep on the plains, hence the origin of the name.

In 1963, the breed was officially recognized and now has many followers.
Worldwide PON is popular in the US, Western Europe (especially in Germany), Scandinavia and the UK.


Characteristics of the breed :

Trustworthy guardian and defender, but not aggressive. Confident, balanced,
a cheerful character, with a great temperament, eager to participate in games children.

Lays willingly (especially if you use his canine appetite :)).
Dog athlete (agility), but also faithful helper disabled.
As a former shepherd dog needs clear rules of conduct.

Ida – Polski Owczarek Nizinny / PON / Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Polish Lowland Sheepdog – Grup FCI I/Nr FCI 251 (Sheepdogs and Cattledogs except Swiss Cattledogs)

Country of origin of the breed – Poland


Height at the withers – Dogs from 45 to 50 cm, Bitches from 42 to 47 cm

Body mass – around 15 kg


Coat – long, thick, straight or slightly wavy, soft undercoat

The color – are allowed all colors, also spotted


Life expectancy – 12 years and more

Titles - IDYLLA Via Rivendall
Ida – Polski Owczarek Nizinny / PON / Polish Lowland Sheepdog - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek
Champion of Poland


Class Winner World Dog Show Milano 2015


Junior Champion of Poland 


European Junior Winner Brno 2014


Qualified for CRUFTS 2015 & 2016


II prize V-ce Class Winner CRUFTS 2015 and qualificad CRUFTS 2016 


Junior Winner


Best Junior of Breed


Best Puppy of Breed


Best Minor Puppy of Breed
Results and achievements at the shows - IDYLLA Via Rivendall
From the life of our Ida