Retrospekcja – Chart Afgański / Afghan Hound - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

Junior Champion of Poland, Started Champion of Poland ,

V-ce Junior Winner of Poland 2015, Qualifikations for CRUFTS 2016

repeatedly received titles:
Best Junior in breed, Best Puppy in breed,
Best Puppy in the finals at the Exhibitions of all races, and Best Junior Puppy in breed:


RE, RETRO Calamus RETROSPEKCJA – Afghan Hound

Female with brindle coat on with a dark mask, born 05.10.2014r.

Pedigree number PKR.X-8970

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Retro is a graceful and charming female with a very noble almost aristocratic appearance.
Very long searched for and awaited. It is characterized by a very nice, open manner.
Perfectly and instantly at ease in any situation.
Proud and independent deep peace of mind, and at the same time she felt a loving partner.
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Description of the breed - Afghan Hound

History of the breed :

In their home pages he was accustomed to self-hunting wild animals.
In Poland, the Afghan Hound experienced great popularity in the 80s and 90s.
As a result of breeding work of contemporary Afghans hair is much longer than their ancestors.

Legend has it that it is the Afghan Hound has been taken to the Ark of Noah.


Characteristics of the breed :

Afghan is proud, independent and does not have a blind obedience.
Sighthounds are the fastest dogs and therefore must be able to regular runners.

Chart Afgański - Calamus RETROSPEKCJA w wieku 15 miesięcy ! - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

Afghan Hound – Grup FCI X/Nr FCI 228 (Sighthounds)

Country of origin of the breed – Afghanistan


Height at the withers – Dogs from 68 to 74 cm, Bitches from 63 to 69 cm

Body mass – Dogs from 20 to 25 kg, Bitches from 15 to 20 kg


Coat – długi jedwabisty włos, charakterystyczne „siodło” na grzbiecie.

Color – wszystkie maści dopszczalne


Life expectancy – 14 lat i więcej

Titles - Calamus RETROSPEKCJA
Chart Afgański Calamus RETROSPEKCJA Zwycięzca Płci Przeciwnej, Najlepsza Dorosła Suka ,CWC Brodnica 2016 - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek
Junior Champion of Poland


V-ce Junior Winner of Poland Poznań 2015


Started Champion of Poland


Qualifikations for CRUFTS 2016


V-ce Puppy Class Winner World Dog Show Milano 2015 


Multi Best Puppy of Breed


Multi Best Minor Puppy of Breed


Best in Show Puppy II Bydgoszcz 2015
Results and achievements at the shows - Calamus RETROSPEKCJA
From the life of our Retro