Hodowla Psów Rasowych w Gdańsku Yvette i Tomasz Dobroczek - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

Welcome anyone who is a lover of dog breeding.

Our breeding pedigree dogs Doma Fortuna FCI is registered in created in 1938
Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP) – our registration number is 4226 / D.

Kennel Club in Poland is the only Polish organization affiliated to the
Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in which our breeding
It is also registered under No. 106/2016.

We are very pleased to welcome you and bring joy to our lives that are our dogs.

At the beginning we start with answers to frequently asked questions:
Why dogs? Why these and not other races? And how do you deal with your dogs?

All these questions have one linking answer: Dogs are our passion.

We are brought up in homes where we were taught to respect, love and responsibility.
Dogs are members of our families and together with them the we grew up.
With satisfaction we cared about our „four feet”.
Choice of breeds for us was very obvious is the fulfillment of childhood dreams.

After a long search, taking into account the character, temperament and exterior looking for
puppies, which in the best way to meet our expectations. So to consciously be able to say,
that is a great representative of his race with a balanced and wondrous character.


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Alegre – Hawańczyk / Havanesse / Biszon Hawański - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

This lovely, joyful and loving heart of a small dog sees to it that disperse over us every dark cloud.
It brings great joy to life. That spark full of energy at the sight of which immediately improves mood.

Her dark pearl eyes and smiling mouth in a beautiful sable silk coat are the the unique charm of the wise, elegant dog.



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Desse – Briard / Owczarek Francuski / Berger de Brie - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

This is the biggest heart in the group guarding sheepdogs. It is wonderful bitch.

Its quiet and balanced character, prudence and great obedience shows the most important characteristics of the breed Briard.

Despite her large size moves with great charm, grace and a sense of spreading an aura of enchantment.
Anyone who has seen our Desse in motion will remember forever this view 🙂


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Polski Owczarek Nizinny IDA IDYLLA Via Rivendall - Młodzieżowy Champion Polski - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

Our beautiful female with a snow-white coat with black spots and a wonderful disposition.
She is blessed with an excellent memory, and she loves to learn obedience 🙂

She is a very balanced and responsible character filled with love for family and the whole herd is an image of the IDA.
Beauty goes together with wisdom, thoughtfulness and consistency of action.


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Zoe – Sznaucer Miniaturowy / Miniature Schnauzer

Black and silver miniature schnauzer is our next huge treasure.
Friend and partner of all fun of our Havanese.
Huge obedience and devotion to family which endows their loved ones is priceless.
The heroic attitude of our little Zoe connected with love and devotion is the image of the breed.


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Bebe Owczarek Węgierski Puli Biały Hungarian White Puli - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

The smallest, sweetest and bravest of sheepdogs.

Hungarian temperament always and everywhere ready for action, individually and as a team.
Blessed with an amazing attention divisibility. She always has everything under control.
Keep an eye on surroundings and the the safety of her family, which is the most important for this breed.
Charmingly, originally combed hair in dreadlocks swaying during movement. This is an image of Puli.


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chmurka bearded collie- Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

Our Chmurka is the quintessence of all the characteristics Bearded Collie.

This is a great bitch, full of inexhaustible energy. A wonderful friend to the sport lifestyle of our son David.
Ideal dog for a family in which children need a buddy for games. She captivates with beauty, grace, incredible agility and speed.

But as every dog must be consistently and responsibly raised in love


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Hodowla psów – Chart Afgański / Afghan Hound - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

Beautiful brindle female with black mask, which appeared in our house recently as a puppy.
She is growing up into a beautiful representant of aristocratic Afghan Hound.

From the beginning, we are fascinated by her charm and character.
We admire her huge independence, courage, peace of mind in the body incredibly cunning, intelligent hunter experience.


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Magia – Hawańczyk / Havanesse / Biszon Hawański - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

She has an amazing cheerful and brave character, which has already been noticed
and appreciated by cynological judges. This baby has a huge potential for exhibition.

Her beautiful, strong construction, fantastic light, smooth movement already
in this young age award-winning performances in the first exhibition.
We still have a long way to go before our beginnings. Please keep your fingers crossed 🙂

More information about our Magic ……>

Bona – Hawańczyk / Havanesse / Biszon Hawański - Szczenięta Yvette Dobroczek

We present our little queen BONA.

As befits a representative of the breed is very energetic, outgoing, honest
and smart puppy. Very quickly gaining new skills.
Gladly through play he learns obedience and presentation of the exhibition.

Soon our little queen put the first steps in the ring. We can not wait 🙂

More information about our Bona ……>

Spacer w Łodzi z Retro, Zoe, Idą i Chmurką

We are extremely proud of our most beloved dogs in the world!


The beauty of their temperament and exterior is reflected in the titles which received from many judges
at dog shows national and international, on the largest dog shows in Europe and the world, such as CRUFTS,
European exhibition EDS Brno or Oslo, WDS world exhibition in Milan and other …


We are pleased to share with you our knowledge and experience in the field of nutrition, care,
behavior and learning obedience, socialization of puppies, grooming and handling.


We invite all lovers and enthusiasts of dog breeding, who already have their „four feet”,
or intend to make a choice pedigree dog for you and your family 🙂



Yvette Dobroczek i Tomasz Dobroczek